In Padelverket we offer a great experience learning Padel.


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What We Offer

15 Years Of Experience

We feel great to say that we can offer over 10 years of coach experience, mixed with more than 15 years of padel competition – all the way up to professional level

Learn Padel & Have Fun

In Padelsoul we offer a great experience learning Padel. Padel is a great sport as soon as you try it you fall in love with it. It’sperfect for all ages. #lovepadel

Flexible Timetable

We run lessons every day from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 am until 22:00 pm. Our lessons usually last 1 hour. Contact us to check availability and book a lesson.

Customized Lessons

We offer a big variety of lessons from 1 to 4 students. If you are a bigger group we will arrange lessons that suit all.

Great Location

Depends of the day of the week we have different loction.
Monday at Court1

Tuesday PadelverketÄlvsjö

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday PadelverketSpånga

Stay Fit & Healthy

Our philosophy is simple: sport plays a big part when it comes to taking care of our health – and there is no better sport than Padel! Get better day by day with your friends and family. #welovepadel

Training Programs

Train with Experts

Private lesson

We have huge variety of training from private lesson to group long term courses.

Long term classes 4 weeks

Join hour 4 weeks trainings from beginner to competition level.

Long term classes 8 weeks

Join our 8 week courses. We offer from beginner level to competition level.

Intensive courses

Really interested for every kind of player from beginner to advance a nice way to improve fast.

Personal Training

12-Week Bulking Trainer Expert Brandon Poe

Whether it’s workout rush hour or there’s still some New Year’s resolution stragglers, a crowded gym can be a kick in the kettlebells—especially when it impedes your training. The annoyance compounds when you’re tight on time and can’t afford to run around the gym or wait for Teddy Broosevelt to finish his triple dropset.