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Welcome to padel soul academy By Carlos Frechilla

Welcome to Padel Soul

Padel Coaching

Padel soul is an academy that works in collaboration with padelverket and court 1, where we offer a huge variety of courses and private lessons from beginner to high competition

 I’m Carlos Frechilla De Andres, I’m 32 years old and I come from Spain. I’m the founder and head coach at Padel Soul academy. I moved to Stockholm in 2015. My relation with padel started when I was 9 years old. At the beginning it was just a hobby until I found out that padel was my passion, so I started training and competing at a national level.

Learn Padel & Have Fun

In Padelverket we offer a great experience learning Padel. Padel is a great sport as soon as you try it you fall in love with it. It’s perfect for all ages. #lovepadel

padel soul


World class trainings

What We Offer

Company & private event

we arrange custom padel events from 6 up to 50 persons.

Workshop to increase team work

This is more focus for companies, padel is great to have fun a boost the team spirit.

Private lessons &long term courses

We have huge variety of training from private lesson to group long term courses.

Padel trip

We offer 2-5 padel trips a year to Spain. But we also can make you a custom trip up to you request.

Contact Information

If you have any request or question don’t dought to contact us.

Phone Number

0046 765851536

Open hours:

Monday-Friday : from 9.00-22.00